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The quality policy and objectives of the organization are reviewed at the Management Review and are verified by reviewing non-conformances and corrective and preventive actions.
Internal audits are conducted to verify whether the quality policy is understood throughout the organization.

Anodizing Montréal :

Our objective is to provide anodizing services, which meet our customer's contractual requirements. To achieve this, Ultraspec has established a quality management system in conjunction with other management functions, to control quality and detect non-conformances. The quality policy and objectives are stated as follows:
It is the policy of Ultraspec to provide reliable and defect-free anodizing services that conform to customers' requirements and deliver them on time at a competitive price. It is our basic operating philosophy to concentrate on prevention methods to make quality a way of life.

At ULTRASPEC, management is committed to maintaining and continuously improving the quality of our services by effectively controlling all activities to ensure that all quality system requirements, including AS9100 and ISO 9001-2008, are being fulfilled

About us

We are experts of aluminum manipulation (anodizing process)
but we also care for our impact on the world.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Ultraspec is above all a passionate team who puts its expertise and its skill to serve customers. Health and safety of our staff is a formal commitment to preserve our strength, our team.
Want to work with us? Call for a appointement. Please note, we are registered in the controlled good program and a security investigation is required to work with us. Visit the Government of Canada for more information



A long time ago, we adopted a green policy in the management of necessary and wastewater treatment. Each year we implement numerous initiatives to eliminate use of hazardous chemicals. We perform continuous technology surveys and do research and development to ensure future generations a healthy environment. Ultraspec is proud to meet the environment standards in effect today and tomorrow.



Ultraspec has been in business for over 70 years and is geared to satisfy your needs in architectural, industrial and aerospace anodizing Montréal.
We serve a wide range of markets. Whether it's everyday transportation or military equipment, our expertise will stand out through quality and a unique service.